Howdy, I’m Allison! 

When I’m not ogling typography layouts, having an existential crisis over what I’m going to eat for dinner, or falling into rivers whilst trying to snag that perfect picture, you’ll probably find me grooving to John Legend at my desk while knee-deep in a 2,000-row spreadsheet. Pretty much your stereotypical CPA – I just happened to forget my pocket protector at home this morning.

My primary areas of expertise include 71452_10151963397747149_9344372_ninvestment funds (with a particular fondness for alternative investments and their respective valuations), publicly-traded companies, biotech and larger not-for-profit organizations. During my undergrad, I spent time in the trucking industry and built a base knowledge of supply chain/logistics operations, while also picking up some mergers and acquisitions know-how.

I graduated from my undergrad at Pacific Lutheran University in May 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, concentration in accounting, and minors in Chemistry and Religion. Shoutout to T-town (aka Tacoma), the place where I fell in love with Washington and the smell of evergreen trees during early morning walks.

My greatest disappointment is that doing everything is impossible without a Time Turner. However, I always make time to meet people – that’s how you keep learning. Let’s start a conversation and explore something new together!

*I also fall into snowbanks; typically, this is not a surprise to anyone. Flattering, standing-upright depiction presented here may not be indicative of reality. 


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